Here are some ways you can help spread the word about Prop 39

Endorse - Support the initiative by filling out an endorsement form or sample resolution.

Join our Community - Join our social media community and get the latest updates on Prop 39.

Send out a Press Release - Send out a press release announcing your support.

Mention Prop 39 in your Email Newsletter - Publish an article in your organization’s newsletter.

Ask for Membership Support - Urge your membership to support Prop 39.

Donation Information

Contributions to the Yes on 39 campaign are not tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Individual contributors are required to provide name, address, occupation and employer (if selfemployed, name of business). If this information is not provided for a contribution of $100 or more, the contribution must be refunded.

There are no limits on contributions. The committee may accept contributions from individuals, businesses, political committees and other organizations. Foreign nationals are not permitted to make contributions to the committee.

Individuals, committees and organizations which contribute to the committee may incur reporting obligations under the state campaign reporting laws. Additional information may be obtained from the Campaign or from the Fair Political Practices Commission (