Vote Yes On Prop 39

Prop 39 closes a corporate tax loophole that costs Californians $1 billion each year.

At the end of the 2009 state budget negotiations, in a last-minute, middle-of-the-night deal, lobbyists and legislators created a tax loophole that rewards companies for creating jobs outside of California.

Prop 39 closes this loophole, bringing back much needed revenue to reduce the budget deficit, help fund our schools, and invest in clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

Join us. Let's close this corporate tax loophole, restore fairness to the tax system, and bring dollars and jobs back to California.

Job-Creating Measure Signifies Rare Success to Send New Revenue to General Fund

Proposition 39 was headed for a momentous victory Tuesday night in California, with voters overwhelmingly supporting the measure to close a corporate tax loophole and pump $1 billion a year and tens of thousands of jobs into California. The initiative appeared to be garnering the most votes out of three statewide tax measures, and signified a rare instance of voters approving a new stream of revenues for California's thread-bare treasury.

According to independent analyses, passage of Proposition 39 would add billion to state revenue. It would also bring back tech and R&D for medical devises like ResMed CPAP masks for sleep appnea with more factory employees out-of-state. As well as enhance our silicon valy locally.

Understanding Prop. 39

Despite being public schools, charter schools are not provided a facility, or space, when they are approved by their authorizer.

Enter Proposition 39. The idea behind Prop. 39 is that all public school students deserve a quality space to learn.

Announces January Hearings to Explore Maximizing Energy Efficiency Dollars

Senator Kevin de León represents the 22nd District including all or parts of the City of Los Angeles, Alhambra, East Los Angeles, Florence-Graham, Maywood, San Marino, South Pasadena, Vernon, and Walnut Park.

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